September 2021

On his album "Stitches" Nils-Petter Molvær makes peace with himself

16. September 2021

Nils-Petter Molvær

Auf seinem Album „Stitches“ schließt Nils-Petter Molvær Frieden mit sich selbst

Since his 1997 debut album "Khmer", Norwegian sound painter Nils-Petter Molvær has fought just as many inner battles in numerous editions of his music. With sometimes painful directness, he revealed the contrast between his gentle and his aggressive side, which often clashed abruptly. This personal conflict was expressed differently on each album, sometimes subliminally, sometimes offensively. On his new CD "Stitches" the trumpeter seems to have made peace with himself.


For TRIFECTA the fun is in the foreground on their debut album "Fragments"

16. September 2021


Für TRIFECTA steht beim Debütalbum „Fragments“ der Spaß im Vordergrund

That soundchecks serve to try out and jam together is nothing unusual. However, the fact that a band develops from these, including an official record release, is the exception. This is what happened in the case of the three Steven Wilson musicians Craig Blundell (drums), Nick Beggs (bass) and Adam Holzman (keyboards). We talked to the latter about the background of Trifecta.

eclipsed: The roots of Trifecta lie in Steven Wilson's band. How did it all start back then?


Irish project VILLAGERS declares war on the algorithm blues

16. September 2021


Das irische Projekt VILLAGERS sagt dem Algorithmus Blues den Kampf an

Beatles or Beach Boys? Or maybe Gil Evans meets Alice Coltrane meets Todd Rundgren meets Burt Bacharach meets Bright Eyes? Villagers aka Conor O'Brien has created a surreal world on new album "Fever Dreams" that brings back many memories of the familiar and the familiar, and in the end amounts to a wonderful island of sound on which to rest from the stresses of reality. "I just wanted to have a good time myself with the band I had been touring with continuously for the previous three years," recaps the Irishman.


HOT'N'NASTY "dying" to perform live again with their new album

16. September 2021


HOT'N'NASTY „brennen“ darauf, mit ihrem neuen Album wieder live aufzutreten

Winner of the "German Blues Awards 2020" in the category "Band". And rightly so! "Burn", the recently released new album by Hot'N'Nasty, is more than impressive proof of this - and they should actually get the 2021 prize right away. "We've received awards before, but you can't buy anything for that, it's something to be proud of, though," is how Malte Triebsch, the band's Dortmund-based guitarist and songwriter, classifies honours of this kind.


AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS love it loud, angry, sexy and head-on!

16. September 2021

Amyl And The Sniffers

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS lieben es laut, wütend, sexy und frontal!

On stage Amy Taylor has something of a dervish: she prefers to wear nothing but hot pants, bikini tops and a blonde mullet, screams her head off, swears and curses like a barker or puts overly intrusive (male) concertgoers in their place with punches and kicks. In other words: a force of nature, reminiscent of Wendy O. Williams from the Plasmatics, who once beguiled even Lemmy. That's why she's unrecognizable in person: a rather shy, unbelievably friendly and eager 26-year-old from Melbourne, who seems as if she couldn't hold back a drop of water


PINK FLOYD - "Meddle": A milestone turns 50

9. September 2021

Pink Floyd

PINK FLOYD - „Meddle“: Ein Meilenstein wird 50

It was a tough struggle for every note, a frustrating search for a vision, a sparking idea. Pink Floyd initially found it very difficult when it came to recording a new album. Necessity is the mother of invention, and so the band ventured a new approach, but it required an "aha" effect, an illuminating moment that pointed the way. In late 1971, after a seemingly endless recording process, "Meddle" was finally released. It showed Pink Floyd focused as never before. The band had found themselves, had finally arrived in the 70s.


INGA RUMPF - 75 years and not a bit quiet

9. September 2021

Inga Rumpf

INGA RUMPF - 75 Jahre und kein bisschen leise

Darf ich was vorsingen?" is the title of the recently published autobiography of the exceptional German singer Inga Rumpf. The occasion is 75 years of life and around 55 years as a musician. At the same time there is new music from the rock and soul singer on an anniversary CD double decker: "Universe Of Dreams" is a brand new studio album, on "Hidden Tracks" buried treasures from the archives have been unearthed. We gladly took the chance to let the still vital Hamburg sailor's daughter tell us about her rich life via Zoom interview.


BIG BIG TRAIN "Ping-Pong of Ideas

5. September 2021

Big Big Train

BIG BIG TRAIN „Pingpong der Ideen“

The big train is unstoppable: Even Corona and the departure of no less than three longtime members couldn't slow down Big Big Train's ride. David Longdon and Greg Spawton are proud of what their band embodies. In a double interview they revealed the idea behind the new studio album "Common Ground" and that they even already know what the next record will be about.

eclipsed: "Common Ground" was recorded in difficult times. What was different this time?