WHEEL - If Orwell had known that!

With their EPs "The Path" and "The Divide" Wheel have positioned themselves over the past two years as a serious alternative to Tool and A Perfect Circle respectively as a potent complement to modern prog acts like Karnivool or Jolly. Now the Finns present their first complete album, which is not only musically convincing: In addition, they take a stand on political and social topics in their lyrics.

"Moving Backwards" is the name of Wheel's recently released album. The title can be understood as the band's critique of the reactionary tendencies that are currently spreading in society and politics in countries all over the world. Among other things, it is the return to nationalism that drives him and his colleagues around, says Englishman James Lascelles, singer of the band from Finland. As things are going very well for Wheel at the moment, they also see the future in a positive light.

AVANTASIA - Black Romantic Class Trip

Originally Tobias Sammet wanted to use the time after "Ghostlights" for a solo album. Although this eventually led to the next Avantasia project, Hesse's autobiographical work was nevertheless incorporated into the new album "Moonglow" - packaged in a dreamy, gloomy setting that could have sprung from the fantasy of US director Tim Burton.

In addition to all kinds of well-known voices, the new actors Candice Night, Mille Petrozza and Hansi Kürsch expand the cosmos of the progmetal opera project for Avantasia's new album "Moonglow". Despite the big names, Mastermind Tobias Sammet still places quality clearly before quantity. He emphasizes this several times during the conversation.

eclipsed: Please summarize the storyline of "Moonglow". Were there external inspirations or is everything growing on your own crap?

CATHERINE RIBEIRO + ALPES - Rock progressive extrémiste

Ex-Sonic-Youth bassist Kim Gordon adores her as does Julian Cope and the eccentric French mathematician Cédric Villani. The fact is that the music of Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes leaves no one cold. Those who heard the group and their expressively signing front woman in the 70s were either repulsed or addicted to their radical interpretation of progressive rock music. There was nothing in between. A small US label has now released three early LPs of the formation. We also like to try to snatch the eternal insider tip from oblivion.

Eleven years after its separation, the Norwegian rock institution MADRUGADA is reforming itself

At the turn of the millennium, the Norwegian band Madrugada presented a unique complete work, the completion of which was by no means planned for 2007. But the completely unexpected death of guitarist Robert Burås, 31, led to a premature end of the group at the zenith of its orbit. The band was just producing their fifth studio album "Madrugada", which would have opened up completely new perspectives. She finished the CD, but that was far from it.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 70

Track premiere: HEXVESSEL "Changeling"

The Forest Folk Band HEXVESSEL is proud to present a brand new music video for the single "Changeling" from their fourth studio album "All Tree", which will be released today. You can watch the video of "Changeling" here exclusively...

2018 - The great eclipsed-year review

2018 was certainly not a year in which there were great musical innovations. Instead, the anniversary year of 1968 cast its long shadows, which was extensively acknowledged by all major daily newspapers and music gazettes. The fact that some of the old heroes are still active is very pleasing, whereby various opulent Reissues (Jethro Tull, Procol Harum, The Rolling Stones, Spirit, Wishbone Ash) contributed to keep the memory of the rock and prog pioneers alive.

STEVE HACKETT - Monument protection and new building projects

Year after year, Steve Hackett manages to keep the Genesis traditionalists at his side by regularly roaming the country with retro programs. On the other hand, he finds the inspiration and the time to record new studio productions again and again and to put them on the market. All of them solid to brilliant works. The latest recording is called "At The Edge Of Light" and definitely falls into the second category.