GENESIS - The evolution of a cult band

Shortly after each other Steve Hackett (12.2.), Peter Gabriel (13.2.) and Tony Banks (27.3.) celebrate their 70th birthday in these days, in October follows Mike Rutherford (2.10.). Together with Phil Collins, just turned 69, they form the classic 70s line-up of Genesis. While Hackett and Collins only joined the group later, the other three met at an elite boarding school, where music offered them a free space in the midst of conservative structures. eclipsed traces the band's early years, from their first musical steps to the release of "Trespass", their first prog album. Peter Gabriel in the "historical interview" of 1971, former road manager Richard Macphail and Steve Hackett about his birthday and his work with Genesis.

Obituary Neil Peart - Farewell, professor!

Neil Peart is dead. The drummer and lyricist of Rush died on January 7th in Santa Monica, California at the age of 67 from a brain tumor. The multi-award-winning drummer and book author had already left the band in 2015 for health reasons. Rush had thereupon declared the end of their career. Throughout his life Peart was a researcher, a seeker. Whether it was playing drums, reading literature or acquiring knowledge in general: The unpretentiously shy, but at the same time warm-hearted and extremely eloquent Canadian was constantly on the lookout for new subjects, into which he knew how to plunge with almost childish naivety, only to emerge from this process as a grown-up personality.

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - "We're not wild kids anymore!"

After two groundbreaking demos (also under the predecessor name Aslan), Psychotic Waltz's 1990 debut "A Social Grace", the debut of the century, thrilled the metal underground with brilliant guitars, hypnotic lyrics and melodies - and even flute interludes. After their fourth album "Bleeding" (1996) the band broke up completely. Only at the beginning of 2011 the sensational live return in original line-up followed. With "The God-Shaped Void", the band from El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego, is now back on record with a prog metal exclamation mark. We talked to singer Devon Graves in his adopted country Vienna.

eclipsed: Devon, even before the reunion gigs in 2011 together with Nevermore and Symphony X you were talking about a new album. Why did it still take so long until the final release?

PENDRAGON rely more than ever on the positive power of emotional music

January is definitely not a month for water sports in England. A perfect time for hobby surfer Nick Barrett to promote the new Pendragon album "Love Over Fear". It took about six years to complete, and it represents a new turnaround in the band's history: away from the somewhat harder pace taken in 2005, back towards neo-prog.

eclipsed: Your new album is finished. How does it feel?

Nick Barrett: It's the very rare case where you think: Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to do! I am really very happy with the album. It was also a lot of fun to record it. It was much less stressful than usual. Maybe that's because I've been living in Cornwall for a while now, not far from the sea.

eclipsed: What took you so long?

WISHBONE ASH - Still embers in the ashes

Founded in October 1969 by Martin Turner and Steve Upton and guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell, who had joined them through an advertisement, WISHBONE ASH became one of the driving forces of the British rock scene in the early 70s. Their trademark, the double lead guitar sound, rarely encountered at the time, quickly made them a live attraction. In the 51st year of their existence, eclipsed spoke with the only remaining original member Andy Powell about the band's history and the new album "Coat Of Arms".

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Flying high on the tracks of a Swedish music legend

The Night Flight Orchestra once again offers classic rock board service of the upper class. Always on the lookout for the perfect song, the Swedes on their fifth album "Aeromantic" walk more and more in the musical footsteps of their home country's most famous band - and not only because their recording studio contained the drums of their studio drummer Per Lindvall.

AL DI MEOLA follows the tracks of the Beatles for the second time

Al Di Meola can look back on a successful career, in which he not only catapulted acoustic guitar playing to a new level, but also enriched jazz with numerous dimensions. On March 13th his new album "Across The Universe" will be released. After "All Your Life (A Tribute To The Beatles)" from 2013, this is already the second work in which he interprets the songs of the Fab Four. Has Al Di Meola's source of inspiration dried up, or are there other reasons for editing foreign compositions?

eclipsed: How did you get the idea for the first Tribute?

Kalle Wallner's solo project BLIND EGO grows into a real band

The two masterminds of RPWL, Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang, traditionally take creative time out between albums of their main band, which they each fill with solo projects. Guitarist Wallner does this with Blind Ego, who first appeared in 2007 with the album "Mirror". After the last tour for the studio album "Liquid" (2016), the band underwent a line-up change, and this line-up is now also active on the brand new album "Preaching To The Choir". Besides vocalist Scott Balaban it includes drummer Michael Christoph and additionally on guitar and bass Julian Kellner and Sebastian Harnack respectively.

eclipsed: The tour for "Liquid" has apparently stabilized the current formation with singer Scott Balaban. How does the status quo look like with you?