SIENA ROOT urgently appeal to our human reason

The Swedish retro-rockers have been quite successful in recent years, for example they were allowed to provide tour support for Deep Purple, whose sound was also the inspiration for their chart album "A Dream Of Lasting Peace" in 2017. Now they are back with "The Secret Of Our Time". It is well known that they are convinced advocates of analogue equipment and recordings. But now, in the face of current global crises regarding ecology and digitalisation, they are also thematically mobile thanks to analogue intellect. Siena Root are demanding their listeners. But the high standards of the concept album are sweetened by two new female front singers, because Samuel Björö, the last singer, is already passé again. Founding member and bassist Sam Riffer gives information.

eclipsed: What does the cryptic album title "The Secret Of Our Time" stand for?

VIRGIL DONATI shines as a musician and commentator on social developments

Virgil Donati is one of the great percussion luminaries in the prog metal/fusion genre. In 2011 the Australian, who has been living in the USA since 1996, applied to Dream Theater as Mike Portnoy's successor, but had to admit defeat to Mike Mangini at a casting with high media impact. However, he might not have been able to make full use of his abilities with the American prog metal legends - at least not as he did with his fabulous new album "Ruination".

eclipsed: "Ruination" is already your seventh album. In comparison to the previous album "The Dawn Of Time - Orchestral Works" you did without the classical elements this time and used more metal and dent influences

The DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS reflect the state of their country

Patterson Hood is angry. Very angry. Because as an American and passionate Southerner, he has a president who has been in office for three years and who is constantly throwing around slogans like "America First" or "Make America Great Again". Which in the eyes of Donald Trump, of course, only works if he is elected again in November. What Hood, the 55-year-old singer, guitarist and lyricist of the Drive-By Truckers, wants to prevent at all costs ...

eclipsed: Why are you so angry with the president?

LAZULI - Music as elixir of life

The quintet LAZULI from the south of France is a guarantor for emotional music based on the progressive rock and art rock of the 1970s, yet sounding completely independent - as on "Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Böhm" (Engl: The Fantastic Flight of Dieter Böhm), their first concept work. This is intended as a bow to the band's loyal fans and focuses on the special interaction between the band and its listeners

"But you have a lot of work with Lazuli," laughs singer/guitarist/main composer Dominique Leonetti when arranging the interview date. It doesn't matter - because in the case of the current album it's worthwhile once again to work intensively on the lyrics, although as a non-native speaker you often have to resort to a dictionary. Leonetti is again happy about this additional effort and is chatting accordingly relaxed about the band dynamics, the German fans and about the fact that Lazuli lyrics have meanwhile even found their way into French lessons.

Music From Time And Space Vol.73

2019 - The great review of the year

The Beatles are a constant in a turbulent year, the rock scene shows itself to be stable, the prog fans are spoiled, and an album polarizes as rarely.

2019 was an eventful year in which global political events clearly divided society: One need only look at the increasingly erratic, autocratic presidency of Donald Trump, who continued to hold the world in check, or the eternal tug-of-war over brexite, which culminated in a new triumph of right-wing populism at the end of the year. But it was precisely this that led to an increased politicisation of society. Both exemplary and symbolic of this were the climate protests, which brought many young people onto the streets, especially in Germany

GENTLE GIANT - Monumental chronicle of an exciting decade

At the beginning of December a very impressive boxing set of the prog legend Gentle Giant was released. On 30 CDs "Unburied Treasure" not only collects all (remixed) regular albums of the band, but also numerous (partly unreleased) live concerts from all phases of their ten-year history. We talked to frontman Derek Shulman about this unique Christmas present for prog fans.

Shulman was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected success of the box: Even before the official release one day after our conversation, it was already almost sold out. However, despite all his satisfaction, he still stood by his decision to put the band, and with it his musical career, on hold almost 40 years ago.

eclipsed: Who had the idea for this monumental boxing set?

THE WHO - "Getting old without getting old - that's the solution!"

THE WHO are just experiencing their third spring at the age of 70. Because their current album "Who" has become a convincing collection of eleven tracks. One is reluctant to attribute the album to "late work" because the protagonists Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend on the record sound more like mid-twenties than mid-seventies

We meet Daltrey (75) and Townshend (74) - one after the other, of course, because love doesn't go that far to face an interview together - in an old-fashioned hotel in central London. The Who's singers and guitarist are in the best of moods. The joy about releasing a new album with "Who" 13 years after "Endless Wire" is great

eclipsed: Roger, your colleague, Pete Townshend, says he wrote the new songs with you in mind. Is that how you see it?