OTHER LIVES create their original musical cosmos in the country

In times of progressive formatting of almost all areas of art and society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find "uncalculated" music that is not due to the absurd need for search engine optimization or click numbers. The American band Other Lives proves on their new album "For Their Love" that the search for an alternative is still worthwhile

Organic arrangements over slowly spreading melodies and a sonorous, sensitive baritone testify to a strong sense of human emotionality. The Other Lives are not about the rapid consumption of a sound product produced for a target audience, but rather about musical states and processes in which the listener is present and expanding, which can be experienced first hand. Immediately before the lockdown, bandleader, singer and guitarist Jesse Tabish made his way to Berlin to talk about his band's new album.

STEVE THORNE deliberately provokes with conspiracy theories critical of science

The Englishman Steve Thorne is a headstrong, non-conformist spirit, but also a strange contemporary. Strongly rooted in the progressive, he combines different styles like folk and indie with it without blinkers, but lets the holy (puristic) Prog-Gral pass by. With his latest album "Levelled - Emotional Creatures: Part 3" he follows up his debut "Emotional Creatures: Part One" (2005) and "Part Two: Emotional Creatures" (2007). Musically, it's definitely an exciting new work - but in terms of content he addresses highly controversial, even strange topics, criticizes science as an authoritarian religious community, considers the moon landing a "fake" and discusses long outdated theories such as the one that the earth is flat ("level") and does not revolve around the sun ...

eclipsed: Stylistically you move on "levelled" from Indie and Folk à la R.E.M. to Prog in the tradition of Pink Floyd and Genesis. A desired mix?

Showcase hard rocker AXEL RUDI PELL proves that he has all the tricks

When guitarist Axel Rudi Pell recorded his 18th studio album in winter - if you don't count "Diamonds Unlocked" with its cover versions - he wouldn't have dreamed that the title "Sign Of The Times" would come across as particularly pregnant with meaning in these Corona times. All live activities are on hold for now. "When you have a new album out, you naturally want to get out to present it live. In normal mode we would already be in the middle of the first part of the tour. We have now postponed it for one year. So the planned second part in October and November will be Part One. At least I hope so..."

Friendship and a sense of belonging are FINAL CONFLICTS Trümpfe

"It's a strange time talking about music Steve Lipiec, keyboarder of the English neo-prog band Final Conflict is surely right when he says that there are more important things than talking about rock music. The interview with eclipsed falls on a day when disturbing figures about the Corona situation in England become known. Only very slowly, therefore, does the interview develop as originally planned.

His band Final Conflict, who released their album "The Rise Of The Artisan" in January, also suffered from the crisis, but things could have been worse, Lipiec reveals: "The album is selling very well thanks to mail order. So we are lucky that prog fans simply still like to have an album in their hands. Only concerts are a problem: We had some gigs planned, which were all cancelled. They're missing, of course." Steve Lipiec is hoping to make up for those shows at some point, though. But he doesn't know when that will be yet. "It might be longer than we all think."

THE DREAM SYNDICATE goes on a journey from Dream Pop to Jam Rock

Steve Wynn's DREAM SYNDICATE belongs to the forefathers of alternative guitar bands. The formation not only influenced the entire Shoegaze scene, but their double guitar front was also the inspiration for Sonic Youth. Wynn himself declared from the beginning that his music would be inspired by Ornette Coleman or John Coltrane. This was not always easy to understand, because these jazz musicians had little to do with guitar rock. But in the five long jams on the new CD "The Universe Within" the connecting line is finally revealed.

Music From Time And Space-Sampler Vol. 74

PINK FLOYD - 1968-1972

In 2020 Nick Mason is going on another tour with his band Saucerful Of Secrets, which will take him through about 50 European cities. A large part of the setlist will consist of Pink Floyd songs from 1968 to 1972. During these five years of reorientation after the separation from Syd Barrett, the group took the decisive steps in a development that would bring them superstar status from 1973 onwards and make them the art-rock band par excellence.

YES - "Yes was always about looking forward musically"


The Yes story remains exciting. In 2020 the Steve Howe faction goes on another album tour, this time with the ambitious 1974 album "Relayer" in the center. In the interview, Steve Howe and Alan White not only spoke in detail about the live performance, but also about plans for a new album, a possible reunion with Jon Anderson and Co. and the future of one of the most enduring bands ever.