OZZY OSBOURNE - "I'm having a pretty bad run of luck right now"

For decades the "Madman" seemed indestructible. Recently, however, Ozzy Osbourne's hospital stays have become more frequent, and it looks as if the excessive overuse of his own body is taking its toll after all. His latest album "Ordinary Man" could therefore also be his last.

MARILLION - "I was almost shocked how much my voice had changed"

Marillion's album "Script For A Jester's Tear" opened a new chapter in music history in 1983: The first longplayer of the group around the charismatic singer Fish put progressive rock, which had already been declared dead at that time, back on the musical map in the form of the Neoprog. On the occasion of the re-release as an extensive box set, the former Marillion frontman took the time for an interview.

The career of Derek William Dick alias Fish is on the home stretch. After over 40 years in the music business, almost eight of them with his former band Marillion and 32 as a solo artist, he will - at least that's the plan - retire musically at the end of 2021 at the age of 62. Before that, he will go on a farewell tour with his album "Weltschmerz", which will be released this year and will last until 2021. He spoke to eclipsed about his view today of that first musical milestone that once set his career in motion

PETER FRAMPTON - For the last time, Frampton Comes Alive

Peter Frampton is at peace with himself, even if the Englishman has to withdraw from the music business bit by bit in view of the incurable, progressive muscle disease IBM ("inclusion body myositis") he has been diagnosed with. In June he will also bid farewell to his German audience with a tour

AYREON - "What made me sweat was dressing like a hippie"

Arjen Lucassen's project AYREON has been a guarantor for large-scale concept albums revolving around science fiction themes for 25 years. His most important work to date is "Into The Electric Castle" (1998), which he finally brought to the stage last autumn. A recording of this grandiose concert event is now being released under the title "Electric Castle Live And Other Tales" as a 2CD+DVD, Blu-ray and opulent box set, among others

Interviews with Arjen Lucassen are always a pleasure, because the two-meter man is a grateful conversationalist who chats like a waterfall and has various funny anecdotes ready. He talked to eclipsed about the live realisation of "Into The Electric Castle", in which he was joined by guest stars such as Anneke van Giersbergen, Fish and Damian Wilson, just like in the studio

COLOUR HAZE - "It's all about playing new, unheard, original music

Colour haze are a phenomenon. For years, the Munich stoner rock band has consistently delivered works of high quality, setting new standards in this genre time and again through new facets. This is also true for the 13th studio album "We Are", on which a keyboard expands the artistic and tonal spectrum even further. Even after more than 25 years, the group still seems far from having reached the end of its possibilities.

Between preparations for the upcoming tour (twelve shows on twelve consecutive days from the end of March), dealing with the limited vinyl edition of "We Are" and all the other tasks as head of Elektrohasch Records and singer and guitarist of Colour Haze, Stefan Koglek found time to answer eclipsed questions about the new album.

eclipsed: You recorded "We Are" live in the studio. What do you expect from this approach?

PURE REASON REVOLUTION - "That was like a musical reset, a new position finding"

On their debut album "The Dark Third" (2006), prog, post-rock, electronics, psychedelic rock and britpop fed the musical cosmos of Pure Reason Revolution. The English magazine "Q" hailed them at the time as the "missing link between Pink Floyd and the 21st century". However, with the two following albums "Amor Vincit Omnia" (2009) and "Hammer And Anvil" (2010) and a generally stronger turn towards electronic music, guitarist and singer Jon Courtney and singer and bassist Chloë Alper no longer lived up to this description. After a break of almost eight years, Pure Reason Revolution returned with an inspiring performance at last year's Midsummer Prog Festival. The new album "Eupnea" will follow this April.

JONATHAN HULTÉN - Monomyth of a true artist

The quest for individual expression runs like a red thread through Jonathan Hultén's career. With his band Tribulation he has been questioning stereotypes of the Death and Black Metal scene for years. Now he is releasing his first album as a solo artist and could hardly be further removed stylistically from his other project.

NIGHTWISH - Man and his planet

For a long time Nightwish have been the figurehead of Symphonic Metal - which is not only due to the fact that the band around Tuomas Holopainen has been existing for almost 25 years now, but also to the fact that with every album they expand, refine and push their sound. On April 10th they release their ninth studio album "Human. II: Nature", a double album with nine shorter songs and one long track. It is once again an ambitious work that will help the band to remain the reference point of this sub-genre, precisely because they have basically long since outgrown it.