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The "eclipsed" magazine has been an integral part of the local media landscape since autumn 2000. From the very beginning, the editorial team has focused on sophisticated rock music that is profound, emotionally touching and, at best, timeless. The magazine focuses on the late 1960s and 1970s, the golden era of the genre. The editors focus equally on contemporary bands/artists who stand for innovative rock music in the spirit of the big bands.

Issue Content i.a.
eclipsed No. 58 / 12-2003 - 1-2004 Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Grobschnitt, Dream Theater, Keith Emerson
eclipsed No. 57 / 11-2003 David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Grobschnitt, Neal Morse, A Perfect Circle
eclipsed No. 56 / 10-2003 Deep Purple, Inside Out, Anekdoten, Kaipa, Dead Soul Tribe
eclipsed No. 55 / 9-2003 Rolling Stones, Japan, Mars Volta, Queensryche, Marillion
eclipsed No. 54 / 7/8-2003 Peter Gabriel, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Steve Hackett, King´s X
eclipsed No. 53 / 6-2003 Yes, The Who, Porcupine Tree, Mogwai, Grandaddy
eclipsed No. 52 / 5-2003 The Who, Roger Waters, Grateful Dead, Yardbirds, Mila Mar
eclipsed No. 51 / 4-2003 Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, OSI, Underground
eclipsed No. 50 / 3-2003 King Crimson, Deep Purple, Syd Barrett, Underground, Procul Harum
eclipsed No. 49 / 2-2003 Ozzy Osbourne, New Artrock, Porcupine Tree, Arena, Madrugada
eclipsed No. 48 / 12-2002 - 1-2003 Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, George Harrison, Vibravoid, Liquid Sound Company
eclipsed No. 47 / 11-2002 Deep Purple, The Doors, Sigur Ros, Motorpsycho, The Flower Kings
eclipsed No. 46 / 10-2002 The Doors, Widespread Panic, Beachwood Sparks, Ritchie Blackmore, Nektar
eclipsed No. 45 / 9-2002 Peter Gabriel, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spock´s Beard, Lamp Of The Universe, Saturnia
eclipsed No. 44 / 7/8-2002 David Bowie, Roger Waters, Joe Satriani, Snowy White, Grobschnitt
eclipsed No. 43 / 6-2002 Rush, Star One, Marillion, Firewater, The Cooper Temple Clause
eclipsed No. 42 / 5-2002 Archive, Uriah Heep, End Of Green, John Paul Jones, Mr. Quimby´s Beard
eclipsed No. 41 / 4-2002 Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Five Fifteen, Supertramp
eclipsed No. 40 / 3-2002 RPWL, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, The Church, Magnum
eclipsed No. 39 / 2-2002 Cybele, George Harrison, Der Herr Der Ringe, Pink Floyd, Weltraumstaunen