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The "eclipsed" magazine has been an integral part of the local media landscape since autumn 2000. From the very beginning, the editorial team has focused on sophisticated rock music that is profound, emotionally touching and, at best, timeless. The magazine focuses on the late 1960s and 1970s, the golden era of the genre. The editors focus equally on contemporary bands/artists who stand for innovative rock music in the spirit of the big bands.

Issue Content i.a.
eclipsed No. 78 / 12-2005 - 1-2006 Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Supertramp, Jethro Tull
eclipsed No. 77 / 11-2005 Santana, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Mike Oldfield, Sonic Youth
eclipsed No. 76 / 10-2005 Keith Richards, ELP, Paul McCartney, Sigur Ros, Jon Anderson
eclipsed No. 75 / 9-2005 Paul McCartney, ELP, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Pink Floyd
eclipsed No. 74 / 7/8-2005 Manfred Mann´s Earth Band, Marc Bolan, Santana, Rory Gallagher, Dream Theater
eclipsed No. 73 / 6-2005 Longtracks, Van Der Graaf Generator, Black Sabbath, Frank Marino, Jefferson Airplane
eclipsed No. 72 / 5-2005 Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Tears For Fears, Ten Years After
eclipsed No. 71 / 4-2005 Porcupine Tree, Gov´t Mule, Magma, Dead Meadow, Snowy White
eclipsed No. 70 / 3-2005 Soundtrack, The Beatles, Morricone, Grateful Dead, Magma
eclipsed No. 69 / 2-2005 Pink Floyd, Genesis, Arena, Wishbone Ash, Pat Metheny
eclipsed No. 68 / 12-2004 - 1-2005 Queen, Genesis, The Who, Neal Morse, Hypnos 69
eclipsed No. 67 / 11-2004 Genesis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pretty Things, The Tangent, Fates Warning
eclipsed No. 66 / 10-2004 Livealbum, Crosby & Nash, Mark Knopfler, Dead Soul Tribe, On Trial
eclipsed No. 65 / 9-2004 Neil Young, Alan Parsons, Manfred Mann, Threshold, Neurosis
eclipsed No. 64 / 7/8-2004 Patti Smith, Velvet Underground, Hawkwind, Paatos, Badly Drawn Boy
eclipsed No. 63 / 6-2004 Velvet Underground, Ayreon, Michael Rother, Caravan, The Zombies
eclipsed No. 62 / 5-2004 Marillion, Rockpalast, IQ, Fish, Eric Burdon
eclipsed No. 61 / 4-2004 New Artrock, Sigur Ros, Tribute Shows, Nektar, Vanilla Fudge
eclipsed No. 60 / 3-2004 Beatles, Alan Parsons Project, Krautrock, Tangerine Dream, Monster Magnet
eclipsed No. 59 / 2-2004 Krautrock, Can, Neu, Faust, Alan Parsons Project