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The "eclipsed" magazine has been an integral part of the local media landscape since autumn 2000. From the very beginning, the editorial team has focused on sophisticated rock music that is profound, emotionally touching and, at best, timeless. The magazine focuses on the late 1960s and 1970s, the golden era of the genre. The editors focus equally on contemporary bands/artists who stand for innovative rock music in the spirit of the big bands.

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eclipsed No. 136 / 12-2011 - 1-2012 Kate Bush, Jethro Tull, George Harrison, Progressive Rock, Deutschland, The Walkabouts, Lou Reed, Metallica, REM, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Paul Vincent, Jane, Blood Sweat & Tears, Fröhling & Schicke
eclipsed No. 135 / 11-2011 Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Sting, Pain Of Salvation, Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa, Progressive Rock, Deutschland, LP, CD, Weather Report
eclipsed No. 134 / 10-2011 Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Queen, Dream Theater, Opeth, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Brew, Progressive Rock, Südamerika, Joni Mitchell, Alice Cooper
eclipsed No. 133 / 9-2011 Yes, Progressive Rock, Skandinavien, DDR, Queensryche, Lazuli, Eddie Dobson, Kristeen Young, Jeff Buckley, ZZ Top, 16 Horsepower
eclipsed No. 132 / 7/8-2011 Montreux Jazz Festival, Progressive Rock, USA, Black Country Communion, Kate Bush, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts, Tonbruket, Jim Morrison, Colosseum, Vibravoid
eclipsed No. 131 / 6-2011 Bob Dylan, Rush, Fleet Foxes, Kscope, Jon Lord, Progressive Rock, Robert Wyatt
eclipsed No. 130 / 5-2011 Progressive Rock, Großbritannien, UK, Radiohead, Elbow, Foo Fighters, Uriah Heep, Genesis, New Model Army
eclipsed No. 129 / 4-2011 Robert Plant, Joe Bonamassa, PJ Harvey, REM, Swans, Blackfield, The Crystal Caravan, Van Der Graaf Generator, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Klaus Schulze, Randy Newman, Lou Reed
eclipsed No. 128 / 3-2011 Queen, Eloy, Amplifier, Motörhead, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Mogwai, Pallas, Alice Cooper, Captain Beefheart, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kraan
eclipsed No. 127 / 2-2011 Bruce Springsteen, Rose Kemp, Wolf People, Apple Records, Frank Zappa, REM, AC/DC
eclipsed No. 126 / 12-2010 - 1-2011 Pink Floyd, Lunatic Soul, Psychotic Waltz, Paul McCartney & Wings, Robert Wyatt, Daniel Lanois, Bryan Ferry, Elvis Costello, Pavlov´s Dog, Glass Hammer, Arjen Lucassen, Suzanne Vega
eclipsed No. 125 / 11-2010 John Lennon, Phil Collins, Lis Er Stille, Killing Joke, The Stooges, Curved Air, Achim Reichel, Dream Theater, The Orb, Leonard Cohen, Elton John
eclipsed No. 124 / 10-2010 Jimi Hendrix, The Flaming Lips, Black Country Communion, Spock´s Beard, Colosseum, Supertramp, Santana, Robert Plant, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Der Graaf Generator
eclipsed No. 123 / 9-2010 Deep Purple, Supertramp, Marillion, Guru Guru, IQ, Iron Maiden, Tatort Essen, The Ocean, Joan Baez
eclipsed No. 122 / 7/8-2010 Rockpalast, Grobschnitt, The Doors, Ozzy Osbourne, Anathema, Wovenhand, The Black Keys, Twelfth Night, Devo, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Jackson
eclipsed No. 121 / 6-2010 Rolling Stones, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Steve Winwood, Pain Of Salvation, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, MGMT, Alex Conti, Einstürzende Neubauten, Robert Johnson
eclipsed No. 120 / 5-2010 Yes, Beatles, ELP, Meat Loaf, Nicky Hopkins, Bröselmaschine, Blue Rose, The Barstool Philosophers, Neil Young, Audrey Horne
eclipsed No. 119 / 4-2010 Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Steve Hackett, Coheed And Cambria, Asia, The Gilded Palace Of Sin, Goldfrapp, Don Henley, Uriah Heep, Joan Baez
eclipsed No. 118 / 3-2010 Peter Gabriel, The Famous Charisma Label, RPWL, Airbourne, Karnivool, Jimmy Page, Piano Magic, UK, Chateau Marmont, Bob Dylan, The Pretty Things
eclipsed No. 117 / 2-2010 Motorpsycho, Them Crooked Vultures, The Doors, Jane, Magma, The Unthanks, Eloy, Manic Street Preachers